After going to the previous three Maker Faires, I was really excited to be accepted as an exhibitor. I went into it worried about whether anyone would be interested, but it didn't stand idle for the whole two days - people of all ages had a great time with it. I had a wander around the Faire for about an hour while my wife and kids looked after the maze, but for the rest of the time I was completely happy just hanging out with the maze. So many great conversations with really interesting and motivated people doing all sorts of crazy, inspiring things.

I didn't set up the range finders, but instead brought along a circular board that I could attach the hand-controller to, and then place down on a cushion as a makeshift balance board. It was pretty clumsy to switch between hand control and balance board, but the balance board was a hit with older kids and adults. Really difficult, but a great challenge.

It ran the whole weekend with almost continuous use on a single charge of a 10Ah 12V battery, and nothing broke. I was amazed.